Intelligent company analytics that grow with your needs

Powerful, self-serve business analytics to help you identify inefficiencies, optimise use of resources, cut costs, and enhance sustainable growth.

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Product features

Powerful features to help you manage complex data streams

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Data consultants

Our team is ready to help you get started with data tracking, set up relevant indicators, and analyse results.

deal tracking

Data pipeline management

Improve data traceability and transparency to implement data-driven decisions.

pipeline management

Transparency analysis

Understand data analytics by seeing exactly how your data has transformed over time.

reporting dashboard

Automatic data import

Save time, money, and resources by streaming data in real-time.

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Impact analysis

Visualise data flows to perform accurate impact analyses and amplify decision-making.

email tracking

Hotspot detection

Detect improvement hotspots, and get actionable intelligence.

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data management

Manage all data and impact in one place

We map your business environment, identify data indicators, and reconstruct complete pipelines to gain full data traceability and transparency.

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Indentify metrics and indicators

Determine key performance indicators that align with organisational goals and objectives.

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Gain traceability and transparency

Provide clear and accessible insights into organisational data.

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Optimise internal processes, faster and smarter

Grayn reveals your consumption hotspots, and recommends high-impact actions. This lets you optimise resources spent on internal processes – faster and smarter.

More time-efficient management and operations
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Automatic report generation

Keep all stakeholders up to date by sharing reports at set intervals, either within or outside Grayn's platform.

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Weekly & monthly reports

Set automatic report generation at the invervals of your choice.

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Easy-to-understand analytics

Improve alignment and understanding throughout your business.

Get started

Let our experts help you get started

Let our experienced business consultants help you define indicators, implement data-driven strategies, optimise your internal processes, improve decision-making, and achieve your organisational goals.